UR Robotics

On-Target Machine is now an integrator for Universal Robots (UR) s Line of collaborative robots.

These robots were developed to provide companies with robots that could fulfill a need for performing various routine procedures in typical work environments safely and cost-effectively.

UR Robotics Main Features include:

  • 3 different collaborative robot sizes
  • 3 different payloads 3, 5 and 10 kgs.
  • Easily integrated into existing production environments.
  • Safety- They can be placed in most work environments without special guarding
  • 6 articulation points and a wide scope of flexibility
  • Collaborative robot arms are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human arm
  • Intuitive User Interface- Programming can be readily learned when new routines are required.
  • Flexibility- Can be easily redeployed elsewhere without change of floor layout

On-Target Machine Services Include:

  • Integration- We can integrate UR robots with existing equipment and newer “standard equipment”
  • We can also integrate UR robots with custom-design built equipment that we can also supply.
  • Support- Our qualified System Integrator engineers can supply training in its use including programming.

Application Examples:

Packaging pick-and-place
Manufacturing parts assembly
Light manufacturing processes (e.g. drilling)
Quality control inspection and action