We recognize that every potential project is unique. In reviewing a customer’s potential project, including their goals and ideas for achieving their target, On-Target Machine will develop concepts representing feasible solutions. Because we design and build solutions for unique problems, there may be a need to spend engineering time and resources to create a viable solution as represented in our final quotation. This may require an investment by the customer to confirm the proposed solution, in the form of a final quotation, is viable and will work as intended. This interim phase is our “Feasibility Proposal” as described below.


a. Initial Contact – Phone conversation, email, website contact inquiry, etc.
b. On-site Visit – Conducted to gather more information including photos, videos, drawings, further detailed discussion, etc.
c. Written Report – Developed for On-Target’s team review
d. Team Review – Determines if potential solutions are possible and, if approved, concepts are developed
e. Feasibility Proposal – Team outlines resources needed to confirm concept


a. Basic drawings with proposed concept description
b. A working “mock up” to confirm functionality of key concepts if recommended
c. Description and price of mock up including, labor, testing, and component prices is developed and provided in a mock up proposal
d. Purchase order is issued for mock up
e. Mock up test results are reviewed with customer. Mock up continues until desired performance criteria are reached
f. Concept animation may be created to convey operation of machine design based on mock-up


a. Final quotation based upon the final benchmark proving solution is created and presented to customer
b. Purchase order for final design build of machine or system issued